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Congratulations, you’ve just stumbled upon an amazing new opportunity! As you may have guessed from our name, we’re a box company, but not like any you’ve heard of.

Most people agree, moving sucks.  However, we found ways to make it suck less. We rent boxes – strong, durable, stackable boxes that customers can move, unpack, then give ‘em back-- hence the tag line.

There aren't a lot of companies who provide moving supplies that honestly, don’t suck.  So we decided to do something about it and realized there was room for a few new ideas in an “old school” industry.  We took the business processes, technology and models from industries we had prior experience in and formulated a business system

that combined all of our talents, skill sets and functionality and came out with one amazing business.

We are thrilled about the prospects for BungoBox and are glad to see that you might be too.

BungoBox Moving Truck

think about it

Always thought of owning your own business but never found something that you could confidently stand on? Well, we're not necessarily condoning standing on our BungoBoxes, though they are very sturdy, but you can stand on your own business with a BungoBox dealership.


In this economy there are a lot of things taking a hit- gas prices, cars, even your favorite every-corner coffee shop….but there is one thing that isn't, and that's BUNGOBOX. We are uniquely situated to cater to a down market since our clients are the ones who need a moving alternative that will save them about 50% on their moving and supply costs.


We would never expect our BUNGOBOXES to pack themselves (though we are working on that technology), we would never leave you alone with no help or support. We can offer you options for training, proprietary technology and systems, everything that you need to get a leg-up on your successful BUNGOBOX business, though again, we do not condone standing on our otherwise sturdy boxes (per the legal teams suggestions).

We tried to come up with a whole host of benefits that would help you decide if BungoBox is the right business for you, but in the end we realized there are really only 4 core values from which every other benefit stems. That, and we thought you’d appreciate that we’re succinct and snarky.


Personally, we live by "getting the most bang for your buck", which holds true for our company.  With a BUNGOBOX dealership you can put in a low initial investment and make more than your neighbor who's "investment" idea involves becoming the next Jenga champion.


We target people looking for convenience, cost savings of up to 50% on their moving supplies and exceptional service. Whether clients are using a full-service mover for their home or business or simply do not want to dumpster dive for boxes, BUNGOBOX is the perfect solution for all.

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If we haven't answered some of your questions about the bungobox dealership, please call or email us! We love meeting new people, especially when it comes to talking all things bungo.

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