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proof that our boxes are better.
Customer Stories
Cindy - Connecticut

It was the easiest move I could have imagined.

Serial Mover - Tallahassee, FL

Find out what happened when a customer forgot to strap down their BungoBoxes.

Jennifer - Connecticut

Her smoothest move ever, and she’s not going back to cardboard.

Pascaline - New Haven, CT

Pascaline literally said, “Unfortunately, I’m not going to move this often...” We made her sad she doesn’t move frequently. Win.

Amy - Orlando, FL

Awesome Amy absolutely appreciated all our assistance, alternatively.

Kent Merrill of Merrill Insurance - Mt. Dora, FL

Kent loves saving money, using the word ‘great’, and his recent move with BungoBoxes.

BungoBoxes: why they kick ass
What Can You Fit in a BungoBox?

Watch us unpack a couple of BungoBoxes. Warning: Be prepared to be surprised at how spacious they are.

How Strong Are BungoBoxes?

We asked a couple of our kids to try and break BungoBoxes. Ha. Nice try little ones!

Speed Test (BungoBox vs. Cardboard)

We compare how long its takes to pack a BungoBox with how long it takes to pack a traditional cardboard box.

bungobox vs cardboard
BungoBox Saves the Day

When cardboard boxes get you down, BungoBox is always there to come to your rescue.

the decision

After you compare BungoBoxes and traditional cardboard boxes, there’s only one conclusion to be made.

the final match

When cardboard boxes go toe-to-toe with BungoBoxes, cardboard ends up on the mat. Every. Time.

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